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Designed for working professionals, classes focus on the practical application of theory and range from the fundamentals to advanced in-depth topics. Our learning hub will enable you to ‘think out of the box’ and explore how timing can impact performance in your next design.

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  • How to Use Datasheet Thermal Parameters Course

    Introduces the concepts of junction temperature and thermal resistance, and then explains how to use the thermal parameters to compare alternative candidate devices, to estimate the junction

  • Jitter Fundamentals

    Learn what jitter is, where it comes from, how its defined, plus which applications care about what type of jitter and why.

  • How PLLs Filter Jitter

    High-level overview of PLL operation, jitter-filtering operation and single versus dual PLL loop architecture with pros/cons for use in networks.

  • Clock Jitter in High-speed Serial Links

    Visualize how reference-clock jitter flows through a high-speed serial link. Learn best practices for selecting SerDes reference clocks and using test equipment to measure jitter.

  • Understanding Precision Oscillator Specifications

    Learn how to quantify the performance of precision oscillators.

  • Common Timing Issues and Solutions

    Explore unexpected events that degrade clocks and thus system performance and ways to mitigate them.

  • Phase Noise Fundamentals

    Build insight for understanding and working with phase noise concepts in any system.

  • Impact of Timing on Synchronization in Data Centers and 5G Networks

    This webinar explores the relationship between oscillator noise and IEEE 1588 time error in data centers and 5G networks.

  • MEMS Oscillators Fundamentals

    Explore the operating principles, manufacturing process, and performance benefits of SiTime MEMS.

  • Demo of SiTime Elite Super-TCXO Dynamic Performance vs. Quartz TCXO

    Watch a series of side-by-side environmental stress tests comparing SiTime MEMS versus quartz TCXOs.

  • Whack an OCXO (Demo)

    Observe the shock resistance of SiTime MEMS TCXO versus quartz OCXO in a live demo.

  • Solving Clocking Problems in Harsh Aerospace and Defense Environments

    Learn more about improving system performance in Aerospace and Defense electronics with MEMS-based precision timing solutions. In less than 30 minutes, you'll learn why MEMS timing technology is

  • Designing with SiTime TCXOs and OCXOs

    Explore key considerations when designing with SiTime TCXOs and OCXOs.

  • Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional OCXOs

    This class introduces SiTime Epoch OCXO platform that surpasses existing OCXO technology to deliver precise timing in real-world environments.

  • Understanding Holdover in Oscillators

    Learn the fundamentals of holdover and time error in oscillators, covering noise sources, specifications, ways to improve and environmental effects.

  • Clocking Techniques to Reduce EMI

    Explore techniques to reduce electromagnetic emissions from timing devices.